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VBD in a Nutshell

A summary of what VBD is, its foundations and why it looks like it does.

What to Expect When You Start Using VBD?

When you first encounter VBD, its emphasis on metrics suggests that it is about measuring things. It is true but measuring the right things is not the first value you will harvest when you start working with VBD.

The Cost of a Failed Experiment

It seems that the “Fail Fast, Fail Often” idea escaped the field of psychology and gained a lot of traction in the business world. Even banks and telecoms with huge technical debt, utterly incapable of fast development are trying to move that way.


How often have you been caught in an argument about “What should we do?” that felt like a clash? It happens very often, doesn’t it? In the heat of the argument we even have thoughts like “Are they stupid?

What is Success?

Have you ever wondered what constitutes success? If not, why not take a moment now. … Did you find an answer? If you started with your success you probably arrived somewhere in the vicinity of “I got what I wanted”.