Upcoming Certification Scheme

In order to sustainably address the quality of training and to make sure there is a way for VBD practitioners to distinguish themselves we are about to launch a VBD certification scheme. There will be four levels of certification:

  1. VBD Student (po polsku: Adept VDB) is a person who succesfully finished VBD training.
  2. VBD Practitioner (po polsku: Praktyk VBD) is a person who, next to theoretical knowledge, has shown practical use of VBD.
  3. VBD Trainer (po polsku: Trener VBD) is a person who has proven to be a good trainer.
  4. VBD Master (po polsku Mistrz VBD) is a person who has extensive training and practical experience.

In the meantime…

Łukasz is giving two “flavours” of courses aimed at professionals at different stages of their careers:

Upcoming public courses

Nothing is planned at this moment.

Past courses